Do you want to renovate your apartment in Paris ? You’re in the right place

Square Renovation renovates apartments in Paris. As a general construction company based in the 15th arrondissement, we carry out renovation work, in all departments, as part of an overall renovation project. We renovate Parisian apartments, old or contemporary, especially large family apartments. As a result, we have extensive experience in renovating Haussmannian apartments. We master the various building trades required to work on a complete site: masonry, electricity, plumbing, plaster, coatings, walls and floors, carpentry, home automation, etc.

Our team has carried out several hundred apartment renovation projects in Paris. We can carry out your renovation projects in English.

Our team specialises in the renovation of Haussmannian apartments. Bring modernity and functionality to an apartment while maintaining the charm of parquet floors, mouldings and fireplaces…

Owner of an apartment in Paris without residing there ?

The SQUARE team has made it a speciality to carry out the work for Parisian apartment owners who do not live in the region themselves.

Our process is particularly suited to such cases, with the work supervisor sharing the daily work with his/her client.

  • Detailed progress report each week
  • Sending photos of achievements over the water
  • Site meetings via videoconference

We have significant experience, having carried out several dozen projects for customers who cannot regularly visit the site: expatriates, foreigners, etc.

For which renovation projects should you contact us ?

rénovation appartement haussmannien vue sur salle à manger à Paris

Renovation of Haussmann apartments

Rénovation contemporaine d'un appartement à proximité de la tour Eiffel

Contemporary style renovation

Rénovation du séjour d'un appartement familial à Paris

Renovation of family apartments

La rénovation d'un appartement à Paris 13 : salle à manger et mezzanine

Renovation of lofts and atypical spaces

Rénovation de maison en région parisienne

Renovation of houses in Paris

Rénovation d'un cabinet de pédiatrie à Paris 15 - salle d'attente

Renovation of professional premises

5 good reasons to use Square Renovation for your apartment renovation projects in Paris

  • Expertise : our years of experience in the renovation of property in Paris allow us to know upstream the main axes that concern any type of renovation.
  • The Square method : this method is a tailor-made support, which facilitates exchanges with other businesses. At each stage of the renovation, the same contact person remains at your disposal.
  • Quality : the quality of our services is at the heart of our values. We use suitable materials, in order to provide impeccable work.
  • Renovation incorporating all trades : we interact with many different trades. That’s why we select the people who provide the best expertise in their own field.
  • Respect for deadlines : successful renovation includes punctuality. Our teams are used to coping with unforeseen events and providing appropriate solutions, which makes it possible to carry out the renovation project.